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Coaches Corner
Help! I Volunteered to Coach!
Many first time coaches volunteer or are volunteered to the job. First things first…Relax.  Relax and think about how much fun you are going to have with these little soccer players.
  • All Coaches Must attend the pre-season meeting - DATE August 24th at 7:00pm at Street School Community Center
  • All Coaches MUST completed a Risk Management forms - See Below
  • Contact all players on their team no later then the 3rd week in Auguest at set up first pracitce
  • Should run at least 1 pracitce (reccommed 2 for 2nd grade and up) a week during the season and a few preseason pracitces.
  • Attend the Free Coaches Clinics provided by the league at no cost. 
  • BE ON TIME to all games and practices. 
  • Open comminication with the league and parents on your team.
  • Have FUN. - In order for our players to enjoy them selfs Coaches must enjoy the game as well.  This is a intrmaural league and we are here to have fun and enjoy the game.
 Goal: Create a fun, learning soccer environment for your players in training and in games.
  • Talk to the Program Director and request helpful coaching materials and coaching aids.
  • Talk to other Soccer Coaches in the program or in your community who have worked with these age groups before.
  • Call your State Youth Soccer Association and request helpful coaching materials and coaching aids.
  • Call your State Youth Soccer Association and ask to speak with the State Director of Coaching about specific age appropriate coaching courses and age appropriate training materials.
  • Call US Youth Soccer at 1.800.4SOCCER or visit their web site at and request and/or order helpful coaching materials and coaching aids.
Team Management:
Prepare a list of simple and clear rules for your players and their parents. Conduct a preseason meeting to review these rules and to go over other important information and to complete important administrative paperwork.
Consider the following:
  • Schedules and locations for training sessions and games.
  • Drop off and pick up times for training sessions and games.
  • Player responsibilities and behavior at training sessions and games.
  • Parent responsibilities and behavior at training sessions and games.
  • Player equipment (soccer ball, shin pads, soccer shoes or sneakers, water, appropriate clothing).
  • Coaching equipment (soccer balls, 25-30 cones, basic first aid kit, small cooler of ice and zip lock bags).
  • Fill out program registration forms and medical release forms.
  • Discuss the procedure for canceling training sessions and games.
  • Discuss your philosophy of coaching…it’s about player development, not winning and losing!
Risk Management:
  • Provide proper age appropriate activities at training sessions and games.
  • Assure that training and playing areas are safe.
  • Make sure that all players are wearing the correct equipment and that it is appropriately sized.
  • Make sure that you are assisted by another adult when coaching the players (This includes the time when players arrive and when they depart from training sessions and games).
  • Create a plan for any medical emergencies/injuries.

Procedure for SAY SOCCER Risk Management Background Check

  • Navigate to the SAY Soccer  Risk Management Background Check website: CLICK HERE
  • Click Volunteer
  • On the next screen that appears, choose “YES” for Did your league direct you to this specific page? .
  • Then pick state "New York", Club "Clarkstown SC" and Type "Coach"
  • Please let us know if you have any questions

Adhere to a Three (3) Person Rule that all coaches and team volunteers shall ever be alone with a single youth player that is not a relation or family member. For example, there must always be two (2) youth players present with one (1) adult or two (2) adults present with an unrelated youth. This will always apply when unrelated youth players are present with an adult making a minimum total of three (3) individuals in situations as:

o  Before/after team games and practices
o Transportation and travel to and/or from games and practices.
o Any social interactions outside of scheduled practices and games.

Please Review our Child Abuse Policy


Referee Evaluation:

Coaches,  you are encouraged to complete a referee evaluation when you feel compelled to share how you think any referee who works your team's games does...GOOD or BAD.  Our Referees are youth members of our organization and are new referees but we would like your feedback. 

Please see the links on the left for age specific training activities.

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